March 26, 2023
African Students for Liberty’s Local Coordinator Program.

African Students for Liberty’s Local Coordinator Program.

Students for Liberty has announced the availability of applications for this year’s African Students for Liberty Local Coordinator Program. The Local Coordinator Program of African Students for Liberty is the premier program for actively advancing the ideas of free markets and individual liberty on college campuses

African Students for Liberty’s Local Coordinator Program.

SFL Local Coordinators (LCs), both undergraduate and graduate students, are the face of liberty on their college campuses. They are the movement’s muscle, empowering students in their areas to defend liberty ideas.


Students For Liberty was founded in 2008 by a group of students who wanted to make a difference by assisting their fellow pro-liberty students on campus.

Pro-liberty student groups had long been isolated from one another and from the larger liberty movement. The initial Students For Liberty Conference at Columbia University was planned for around 30 students, but demand far exceeded those estimates, and 100 students attended the conference despite a blizzard that shut down most of the region.

Since those humble beginnings, the organization has grown year after year to meet the rapidly increasing demand and to support the student movement for liberty.

Students For Liberty teaches young people about liberty philosophy. They accomplish this in two ways: by assisting young people in learning about the principles of a free society, and by identifying and providing resources to young people who are already supportive of liberty. This step is not intended to provide advanced education on the nuances of libertarian theory. Rather, we want to educate as many people as possible about the meaning of liberty and the key values of classical liberalism.

African Students for Liberty’s Local Coordinator Program.

Students for Liberty (SFL) enhances the leadership abilities of those who support liberty To effect change, someone must be capable of taking action in addition to intellectually agreeing with the principles of liberty. This is why SFL provides training and support to our volunteers in order to help them develop their leadership skills. The goal is to help them become better organizers, managers, writers, speakers, and leaders today and in the future. This includes teaching fundamental skills that all successful leaders should possess, as well as facilitating personal growth and specialization in areas where our students can add the most value to liberty.

Students For Liberty gives students and alumni the tools they need to make the world a more free place. We want to provide the resources, network, training, infrastructure, and any other kind of support we can to help anyone who believes in the principles of liberty become more active and successful in advancing the cause of liberty. This defines SFL and drives our programs, with the goal of eventually bringing about change that favors freedom.

Join us in becoming a Liberty Leader!

(a) Local Coordinator Program: This is the entry-level program for becoming a leader with Students For Liberty, as well as the premier program for actively advancing the ideas of free markets and individual liberty in colleges and campuses across Africa. Local Coordinators are the face of liberty on their campuses; they are the movement’s muscle, empowering students in their areas to defend liberty ideas. This grassroots program seeks out strong student leaders to spread the ideas of individual liberty, self-sufficiency, and economic freedom by forming new student groups, organizing events to promote these ideas, and mentoring other vibrant students to assume leadership positions in the global students’ liberty movement.

The course is designed to develop an all-around leader by instilling skills in areas such as public speaking, professionalism, advocacy, proposal and report writing, effective communication (both verbal and written), event planning, talent identification, and much more. Trained leaders have access to writing opportunities, leadership programs, internships, and seminars and conferences with our international network of partners all year long.

Interested students and recent graduates are encouraged to apply, and successful candidates will then go through two levels of training and an interview with one of our top leaders before being confirmed as a Local Coordinator. The training is available in English, French, and Portuguese.

African Students for Liberty’s Local Coordinator Program.


(b) National Coordinator Program: This is a mid-level leadership role where top performing leaders learn management skills. Leaders interested in learning management are encouraged to apply. Leaders at this level serve as the primary point of contact in the country in which they are based, assisting the ASFL admin team in connecting leaders to resources, SFL policies, and providing support for local activities hosted by LCs on campus. These leaders help to expand SFL activities at the national level and identify future leaders. These students have the opportunity to practice the skills they learn and improve themselves with the assistance and tools provided by SFL. The National Coordinator serves as the point of contact for ASFL volunteers in a particular country or region, coordinating the activities of Local Coordinators, assisting with the local growth of African Students For Liberty in their region, and identifying future top leaders.

(c) Regional Coordinator Program: This is the highest level of leadership at African Students For Liberty, reserved for rock star leaders who manage various capabilities in ASFL’s East, West, Southern, and Francophone Regions. Following careful selection, Regional Coordinators receive rigorous training to prepare them for their roles and management of our activities in Africa.We have future think tank leaders, potential SFL staff, and staff for other libertarian think tanks around the world from this group. Regional Coordinators are in charge of our main programs in Africa, as well as growing the student movement for liberty: providing resources to students across the continent, organizing regional conferences, coordinator retreats, and assisting in the development of liberty leaders across the continent.

[Entry into the National Coordinator and Advanced Coordinator programs is extremely competitive.]

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(d) ASFL Reading Challenge: The ASFL Reading Challenge is an academic program that helps young leaders develop their knowledge of classical liberal ideas, explore how these ideas relate to contemporary experiences in respective African countries, and prepare them for a variety of career paths in policy, advocacy, business management, entrepreneurship, technology, journalism, academics, and so on. Every month, they study pro-liberty texts and watch videos to accomplish this. Following that, they are invited to a bi-monthly virtual meeting to share their key takeaways from the book of the month. Active participants are rewarded with free books, T-shirts, Trucker Caps, and scholarships to regional and international SFL events.

African Students for Liberty’s Local Coordinator Program.


If you prefer to fill out the form in French, please click on this link.

Click  here to submit your application in Portuguese.

Students For Liberty is a rapidly expanding global network of pro-liberty students. They are the world’s largest libertarian student organization.

This is your opportunity to join global networks of leaders committed to advancing liberty in all aspects of society.African Students for Liberty’s Local Coordinator Program.

The application deadline for African Students for Liberty’s Local Coordinator Program is May 30.

Visit for more information.

African Students for Liberty’s Local Coordinator Program.

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