March 26, 2023
ALX Young Entreprenuers Program

2022 Young Entreprenuers Program

ALX Young Entreprenuers Program

The ALX Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) is a 4-week sprint created and instructed by seasoned business owners. Take advice from those who have gone before you and use it to build a strong foundation on which to develop, shape, and grow your company.

The World Is Being Changed by Entrepreneurs

Some of the world’s most innovative businesspeople are from Africa. Young Africans are demonstrating that, no matter the concept or how straightforward a solution, they are making a significant difference in people’s lives in communities all around the world.

Our goal with ALX’s Young Entrepreneurs Program is to help people who want to solve problems, start businesses, make money, and add employment.

We demonstrate our commitment to generate 2 million new opportunities for emerging African talent throughout the continent by 2030 and inspire the following generation of leaders by giving entrepreneurs the knowledge and assistance they need to effectively enter the market.

African entrepreneurs Future-building for Africa

Learn the abilities, community, and support you require to start a business. We offer the resources and accountability you need to draw clients and enter the market. Our program is designed for early-stage entrepreneurs who have shown a dedication to developing a business and who already have a minimum viable product.

Learn from successful businesspeople who have gone before you; depart with a strong foundation to improve, sculpt, and grow your enterprise.

Next cohort: 13 June 2022


What to Expect

With peers and mentors who are committed to promoting entrepreneurship across Africa, expand your business to new heights.

The ALX Young Entrepreneurs Program has the following requirements:

  • The applicant is the founder or co-founder of a company in Africa.
  • The following requirements must be met:
  • 4 weeks at 10 hours each week; applicant age of 18 to 35;
  • business or service is prepared to launch in less than a month;
  • proficient in English program.

Modules for the ALX Young Entrepreneurs Program:

  • Launch: Establish the objectives and discover best practices to begin a successful plan.
  • Traction: Experiment with various marketing techniques to draw in potential clients.
  • Sales Skills: Learn the frameworks and put them into practice to close sales and make money.
  • Show & Sell: Conclude your program with a showcase of your accomplishments modeled after a demo day.

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Significant Dates

Finalists will be contacted on June 6, 2022, after applications end on May 20, 2022.

Dates for the program’s start and end are 13 June 2022 and 16 July 2022, respectively.

Further Questions?

Describe ALX.

An unmatched chance to prepare, develop, and advance a career has been created by ALX. We provide in-demand programs in digital transformation, business intelligence and support, and entrepreneurship thanks to our best-in-class training and dedication to lifelong learning. The organization that oversees African Leadership Academy, African Leadership University, and Anzisha Prize Foundation is the one that brings you ALX.

Is this program within my means?

ALX is dedicated to helping young company owners in Africa establish successful enterprises. Due to the support of the Mastercard Foundation and other partners, program fees are eliminated in 2022. We encourage you to apply so that you can join a group of people who share your views and a network of seasoned businesspeople who can help you with your company.

Growth in the Next Stage Begins Here

The challenges of being an entrepreneur are magnified in the African business environment. But these difficulties also present special chances to have a good influence on our communities and the upcoming generation of African companies.

Gain Control with ALX

With ALX’s world-class training and dedication to lifelong learning, we’ve created a rare opportunity for you to be ready for, start, and advance your career.

Then and Now

centered on the lucrative, in-demand industries of the present and the future.

Employment Development

Access The ROOM, a network of opportunities, and a community of peers and mentors to help your career advancement, by moving beyond ALX.

Anywhere and whenever

Remotely hosted; access education whenever and anywhere you like.

Able to work

The real-world learning approach gives you the knowledge and experience you need to start working right away.


You can start when you’re ready to commit thanks to monthly start dates.

Fees for the Accessible Program are eliminated in 2022. supported by partners including the MasterCard Foundation.

The ALX Young Entrepreneurs Program is created to provide you with the knowledge and abilities to hasten the development and expansion of your company. Gain knowledge from seasoned businesspeople and go away with a strong foundation to help you create, grow, and develop your company to its utmost potential.

African youth have a special chance to use this enthusiasm to foster development and innovation in their neighborhoods and across the continent. Given that a sizable portion of the world’s population originates from this region, the African continent will participate in determining the direction that the twenty-first century will take.

20 May 2022 is the application deadline
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