March 26, 2023
How to apply for ESACT Grants

How to apply for ESACT Grants

What can be aided by an ESACT Grant?

Young scientists who want to share their work on animal cell technologies at conferences are encouraged to apply for ESACT Grants. Grants may be provided to cover the cost of attending classes or participating in brief research internships.

A grant offers a contribution toward predetermined travel, registration, or lodging costs (EUR 500.- grant for events in Europe, EUR 1000.- grant for overseas events).



Our goal: Professional conversation

The European Society for Animal Cell Technology is an organization that brings together scientists, engineers, and other experts who work with animal cells in order to foster communication of research findings between European and international investigators and advance the development of cell systems and the products derived from them.


ESACT was established in 1976 to provide a venue for the discussion of biological and engineering techniques to advance understanding and the application of human and animal cells, for example, in the production of goods.

Our members work as academic, medical, and industrial researchers and producers in applied scientific institutions, universities, and businesses. They also serve in government, industry, and political and regulatory organizations.

The industry and service sectors, government, and academics are all actively encouraged to collaborate via ESACT.


Research Interests

The entire animal cell production process is the focus of ESACT, from the first genetic studies of the cells through the stages of process development and validation, production, intensification, and purification, as well as regulatory concerns for the release of the finished product.

ESACT’s range of interests

  • Cell line development, characterization, acceptance, and validation
  • Enhancement/Optimization of Cell Physiological and Biochemical Behavior
  • Process design, improvement, scalability, and upstream and downstream technology transfer
  • processing and biosynthesis of cell products
  • Vectors and cells for genetic medicine
  • Biomedical gadgets and tissue engineering
  • Using cells as testing and product discovery tools
  • animal substitutes for testing and research

ESACT International

The Executive Committee (XC), made up of 8 members, is responsible for leading the Society. Representatives of the Society include regular members without official roles and the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary. A member holding a function may hold it for a maximum of two 2-year terms. Members who are not in a position of authority serve a 2-year term in the XC.

All ESACT members will then vote on the seats of regular members during the forthcoming elections held during the biannual ESACT Meetings. At this meeting, the General Assembly will conduct a final vote and declare the results. This implies that the XC’s membership is subject to change every two years. The Society also employs one worker at the ESACT office to assist with administrative duties.

The ESACT Frontiers group represents the society’s young scientists and researchers.


WHO IS Eligible?

  • Candidates need to be ESACT members. You may read more about the benefits of membership here.
  • Candidates must be enrolled in a Ph.D. program or holding a postdoctoral position in its early stages (within the first two years after graduation). Maternity leave is one well-reasoned and well-documented exception that might be relevant; in this situation, please get in touch with us and send the relevant paperwork.
  • The candidate cannot now work for a company.
  • A grant can only be awarded to one person twice.
  • The first-come, first-served rule will be applied to applicants who are applying to the same conference and are a part of the same working group.
  • Profit-driven events are not eligible for funding.
  • The candidate must give an oral presentation or a poster if the application is for conference attendance.
  • The presentation’s subject must be pertinent to both the field of animal cell technology and the objectives of ESACT as outlined on our website. It is not a condition whether the conference or event was focused on this discipline or a more general scientific area.
  • The applicant’s career advancement must clearly benefit from participation in the event or activity.
  • The deadline for applications is three months before to the conference.
  • Recipients of grants are required to include the ESACT Grant logo on their poster or presentation’s acknowledgment slide. The ESACT Archive must receive a pdf version of the poster.

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Your application must be submitted using the structured form below; if any applicable Section is left unfilled, your application will be rejected. Every application must be submitted at least three months prior to the conference you intend to attend. It could take up to 6 weeks to review an application. The award is given pending the abstract’s acceptance.

The applicants must present the following paperwork in order to be reimbursed:

  • confirmation of the abstract’s acceptance for presentation (pdf of the conference program or of the email of acceptance)
  • a pdf of the displayed poster or slides
  • evidence of costs incurred that go over the grant’s budget (these can be for registration, travel or accommodation)
  • Information about the transfer’s account
  • confirmation of presence in class
  • Visit to host laboratory confirmed


How to apply for ESACT Grants


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