March 26, 2023
How to Apply for Nigeria Youth Futures Fund

How to Apply for Nigeria Youth Futures Fund

Through outcome-driven policy engagements and inclusive funding, the mission of NYFF is to strengthen, support, and enable young people in Nigeria for youth leadership, activism, and social change. This will assist youth in influencing and assisting medium- and long-term national development.

Who We Are

Young people make up more than 70% of Nigeria’s population, which is expected to keep growing over the coming decades. Given this substantial proportion, it is clear that Nigeria’s future development depends on having a young population that is politically engaged, educated, competent, and physically fit and that participates in the creation of long-term policy objectives. Nigerian youth’s involvement in politics and leadership has changed over time. The Nigerian youth ecosystem has undergone a kind of reawakening, moving from a tradition of active student unionism (1980s), where universities acted as venues for intellectual debates and young expression, to a period of youth organizing supported by new media (2010–present).


  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Synergy
  • Excellence


The NYFF runs on 3 programmatic pillars:

  • The Imaginative Futures Working Group
  • Young Leaders Development (YLD)
  • Advocacy (Online and Media Engagement) #TheNigeriaWeWantDialogue

Grant Thematic Areas for Nigeria Youth Futures Fund

  • Employment and Education

The applicants ought to take into account youth-driven projects that emphasize aiding young people in their academic endeavors and fostering career opportunities. These programs should target activities among young people that are goal-oriented and inclusive.

  • Media, sport, and Entertainment

projects that develop and support young people’s participation in sport, media, and entertainment. Prioritization should be given to identifying and promoting youth media platforms and creative talent.

  • Health

The ideas should center on youth health issues such drug and alcohol misuse, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, and others.

  • Peace building and Security

This gives priority to ideas that advance intercultural harmony, peaceful cohabitation, relationships between the military forces and civilians, and a variety of other ideas.

  • ICT and Entrepreneurship

ICT-driven solutions with a sustainable business model and values creation.

  • Climate change and Environment 

Drought and desertification initiatives, land degradation, increased frequency of extreme weather occurrences, impacted fresh water, water resources, and biodiversity loss initiatives and ideas

  • Civic participation

initiatives and concepts that foster youth involvement in politics and leadership.

Guidelines for Submission for Nigeria Youth Futures Fund 

A concept note or proposal, not to exceed 2000 words, should be submitted by applicants, adhering to the specified rules and proposal structure.

Download Proposal Template

Organization or Individual background

goal of the company, pertinent prior experience, and prior funding. (300 words maximum)

Initiative and idea to be implemented

Detailed plans and concepts that fit the specific grants of interest’s thematic focus(es). The following should be in the narrative:

  • Problem Analysis
  • Project’s purpose and goals
  • Important events/milestones
  • Effectiveness of strategy Beneficiaries in mind
  • Risks and protective measures
  • Plan for sustainability
  • Public education and outreach
  • social inclusion of women (600 words maximum)
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Area and Time Frame

The applicant must give a thorough description of the scope and limitations of their proposal. The suggested implementation period should also be no longer than a year from the date of grant payment (Max; 200 words).

set a budget.

The applicant will be required to provide a simplified budget in line with the category of grant asked for; the small grant would be disbursed once (100%) and the other categories of grant would be disbursed in two tranches conditional upon milestone successes (first tranche 50 percent and Last tranche 50 percent ). It is suggested that the budget be set up taking the following into account.

  1. 15% for Operation and Logistic
  2. 80% for Concept Implementation
  3. 5% for Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation plan

This will provide details on the measurements to be made based on your concept.

Attachment of relevant documents

Individual identification card: CAC document, tax clearance certificate, and organization identity information


Three qualified and experienced referees who can vouch for your ability to carry out the planned project will be provided by the applicants; if at all possible, at least two of these individuals should be from current or former funders or partners.


Criteria for Individual and Organizational Eligibility
Individual Level

  • The recipient must be a Young Change Maker (aged 15 to 35) working on a long-term solution that specifically addresses one of the seven theme areas and has a track record of success.
  • The recipient must show that they have a solid grasp of strategic planning, goal-setting, and project management.
  • The recipient must exhibit expertise in team or community development while upholding principles of honesty and integrity.
  • The Beneficiary must show aptitude and enthusiasm for novel standards, behaviors, and activities.
  • The recipient must be affiliated with an institution or possess valid identification.
  • A police clearance report and three credible referees are required from the beneficiary.

Organizational Level

  • The organization needs to be officially registered with Nigeria’s corporate affairs commission. Otherwise, a cluster of unregistered organizations can be formed, and they can submit an application through a registered organization.
  • All of the states in their geopolitical zone must be partner-capable for the organization.
  • The company needs a SCUML certificate, tax clearance, and police clearance.
  • The company must have a solid history and a proven track record.
  • Depending on the grant category, youth-driven transformation activities, civic and transformation hubs are working on long-term solutions that directly address any of the agreed-upon subject areas.
  • The company must have a physical address, a business account with acceptable credit, and records.

What are the different types of Nigeria Youth Futures Funds, and how can I apply?

Small Grant: 60 recipients will get this sort of grant (Individual) Price: $500-$1000

Apply here

  •  Action Grant: For 40 Grassroots and Community-based Organization

              Amount: $1000- $3000

Apply here

  •  Development Grant: For 25 Youth-led & Youth focused organizations

                    Amount: $3000-$6,000

                                     Apply here

  •  Catalytic Grant: For 6 Civic and innovation hubs focusing on Youth oriented activities across Nigeria

                        Amount: $40,000

                              Apply here


Application Closing Date

June 12th, 2022

Questions and Answers

What is the applicant’s age range?

The candidate is between the ages of 18 and 35.

What is the implementation scope’s age range?

The implementation scope includes young people’s ages; the organization must be carrying out programs for people between the ages of 18 and 35.

How long will this initial grant cycle last?

The award cycle will extend from June to December 2022 for this initial round.

Who is the grant’s sponsor?

The MacArthur Foundation and the Ford Foundation jointly finance this grant.

Can my group submit a grant application under more than one category?

Of course, but you’ll only get one.

How will the decision be made?

Three rounds of screening will be conducted for applications, and the NYFF board will select the finalists.

See the video below for further details.


Application Deadline: 12th of June 2022

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