March 26, 2023
Standard Bank Group Internship Program for Young Graduates

2022 Standard Bank Group Internship Program for Young Graduates

About Standard Bank Group

One of the organizations that provides graduate opportunities in the banking industry is Standard Chartered Bank. The Organization uses this as a means of luring enthusiastic and highly sought-after graduates to build their skills and objectives through group-based, intensive international experiences over the course of a year.

With the support of your university degree, an internship with Standard Bank Group provides you with the chance to earn worthwhile job experience. As soon as you sign up, you’ll start making a contribution and have the opportunity to participate in actual projects and improve.

Concerning the internship?

The duration of the typical chartered international graduate program is one year. It is divided into a number of sections at this point, including:
⦁ two weeks of vacation every year
⦁ an induction period of five weeks
⦁ Rotations are necessary for ten months.

Later deployments for permanent duties start in June.

There are several streams available in the global graduate program. While applying, candidates may select one of the streams. These are the streams:

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⦁ Business banking
⦁ monetary markets
⦁ Consumer banking
⦁ Banking clients in the corporate and institutional sectors
⦁ Money management
⦁ Financial transaction

Type of Application: Internship

The Standard Bank Group’s internship program for recent graduates has the following advantages:
The advantages of this offer include:
⦁ deployment to permanent positions following program completion.
⦁ The initiative is not restricted to a single region.
⦁ The graduates learn more about their interests streams

How to apply:

⦁ The following rules must be followed by applicants in order to be considered for this offer:
⦁ The application form  is available on the official website; read it and fill it out.
testing one’s personality. An online strength assessment test is required as part of this program so that both you and the Standard Chartered Bank can determine your suitability for the position. In this section, there are both correct and incorrect responses. You must be honest and true to who you are.
taking a test of aptitude. The applicants must pass tests in abstract reasoning and mathematics. These assessments aid in matching your skills to the appropriate roles. The tests should last 12 to 15 minutes and can get harder as you go along based on your responses.
interview videos. Online video interviews are used for the first encounter between the search committee and the applicants.
Face-to-face meetings The local standard cheated graduate team is in charge of conducting these interviews. The team meets the applicants face-to-face for the first time, and the meeting takes place in their local offices.
business meeting. After the last stage has been completed, there will be a face-to-face business interview. Interview of the applicant with individuals functioning in the streams they are anticipated to work in

The Standard Chartered internship program’s official website offers detailed information on how and where to apply for the program. This offer is ongoing and is provided by Standard Chartered bank, thus there is no deadline.

Requisites for 2021–2022 Standard Chartered Bank International Internships:

⦁ The candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree.
⦁ The candidates must be qualified to work in permanent positions in the nation in which they are applying.
⦁ The Middle East or Northern African nations should be represented among applicants for UAE positions.
⦁ Regarding the IG program, there are no specific qualified nations or locations.

After completing your internship, you’ll have highly sought-after skills and credentials.

You’ll be able to take ownership of your career potential and apply for the job of your dreams as a result.

The location is South Africa.

Joining our internship program will have a significant impact on more than simply your future. You’ll join us on our quest to give everyone in Africa better tomorrows.

12 to 24 months is the duration for the program.

Application advantages
⦁ 12/18/24 months of fixed-term employment at Standard Bank Group
⦁ monthly allowance
⦁ Performance bonuses and advantages
⦁ appropriate certification for the competencies being developed within the curriculum
⦁ practical, significant work experience
⦁ Coaching/Mentoring.


⦁ completed matriculation with a 60 percent or higher average across all programs
⦁ Depending on the standards of the individual program, learnerships, internships, and graduate programs must have a minimum tertiary academic average of 60 percent or above.
⦁ a tertiary degree in commerce, science, technology, engineering, the arts, social sciences, or mathematics, or currently pursuing one. Depending on the criteria of the individual program, higher certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, Btech, degree, and post-graduate degrees are acceptable.
⦁ Must be a citizen of South Africa, between the ages of 18 and 30, and not already enrolled in or having completed another learnership or internship.
⦁ Nationality: Every Nation

Dates of Closure: June 30, 2022

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