March 26, 2023
Why women need breast massages

Why women need breast massages

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and early cancer diagnosis is one of the advantages of breast massages. Breast massages are very beneficial, despite the fact that breast sucking does not prevent cancer.

Anyone with a chest can benefit from breast massage at any stage of life. It may be especially advantageous for nursing mothers and anyone with a family history of breast cancer (including men)

Advantages of massaging the breast 

Breast massages offer so many advantages that they aren’t merely for pleasure.

We’d go over more advantages of breast massages with you;

Detoxifies the breasts of toxins

Fluid and waste can accumulate in the capillaries in the breasts and result in lymphedema if the lymphatic system is compromised. By eliminating toxins from your lymphatic system, routine breast massages prevent lymphedema.


Enhancement of breast appearance


Regular breast massages can improve the appearance of a sagging breast.

The breasts receive more blood flow during massages, and adding oils like olive oil helps to tighten up the breasts.


Early identification of breast cancer

Self-examination was used to diagnose breast cancer in more than 25% of women. Women can find lumps or other anomalies in their breasts by getting a breast massage.


Less discomfort during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may be uncomfortable and weighty, as new mothers are well aware of. According to studies done on breastfeeding women, those who had daily 30-minute massages on their breasts experienced less pain than those who didn’t.

How to massage the breasts

Depending on the person’s comfort level, a breast massage can be given while standing or lying down. Knocker kneading might be easier to integrate into your shower regimen.

You can reap the benefits of massaging your melons in as little as 4 to 10 minutes each breast. Even if you can do it every day, three to four times each week should be sufficient.

How to execute a breast massage actually depends on the outcome that is sought after. A breast massage for lactation is different from a breast massage for muscle strain.

The many breast massage techniques are broken down here.

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Self-exam massage for breast cancer

In front of a mirror, when you can feel and see your breasts, is the ideal setting for a breast self-examination. Starting with your arms at your sides, moving on to your hands on your hips, and concluding with your arms raised above your head. Keep an eye out for any variations in size, color, and shape.

Place the other hand behind your head and three fingers on your breasts. Apply light, medium, and hard pressure in a circular manner to the breast tissue with your three fingers.

Continue massaging upward while remembering that breast tissue also extends under the armpit. The entire breast, from collarbone to abdomen, is examined, as well as from armpit to armpit.

Change which hand is behind your head, then move it in little circular motions along the opposite breast.

In order to check for any discharge or pain, press the nipple one last time. You should speak with your doctor if either of these things happens.

Breastfeeding massage

Warm hands are excellent for breast massage during lactation. Start by placing four fingers on the top and four on the bottom of your breasts. Massage in a circular motion with both hands.

Move your hands to the sides of the breast in a circular motion, softly massaging the flesh. You might also consider including finger taps.

Placing your index finger behind the base of the nipple can allow you to express breast milk using your hands. Put gentle, rhythmic pressure on your breast. Bring the milk up to your nipple.

You can express your hands before or after breastfeeding to increase lactate.


Massage for lymphatic drainage

A lymphatic drainage massage begins at the breast tissue under the armpit, unlike a breast self-exam. This area is significant since it is where your lymph nodes can be felt via the skin.

Stretch your arm across your chest until your fingertips are in the space between your armpit and your breast.

Put your hand over your breast and pump your breasts in a circular manner toward your nipple.

It could be preferable to initially speak with a specialist if you recently undergone surgery.

Massage for muscle tightness

Massages of the breast that are intended to relieve tension concentrate more on the pectorals than the nipple region. The pectoral muscles attach at your collarbone, so start massaging there.


Professional massage therapists may be most qualified to do a breast massage for muscle relief even though it’s not typical in a complete body massage.


To ensure that you’re comfortable, a massage therapist should obtain permission before including a chest massage.

Where are breast massages available?

Most of the time, you can get the best breast massages without leaving the house. The simplest approach to give your melons regular massages is to do it yourself, especially if you want to do it three to four times every week.


Searching online for a place to get a breast massage could turn up more sleaze than professionalism.


Is breast massage dangerous?

Breast massage has little hazards, however people who have had breast surgery or are breast cancer survivors may have painful places in the form of lumps or scars.


In this situation, a doctor might advise a breast massage performed by a certified masseuse. Talk to your doctor if you experience anything strange while receiving a breast massage.


It is safe to perform breast massage on yourself in the privacy of your own house.

Breast self-massage has many advantages, including easing muscle tension, detecting breast cancer, and stimulating the lymphatic system.

Gaining confidence in your ability to massage your own breasts could have positive effects on your health as well as your sense of self-worth.

The technique used to massage the breasts depends on the desired result, but most routines entail placing the fingers in circular motions (wax on, wax off).

Don’t ignore the armpits because breast tissue goes beyond the tatas!

Why women need breast massages


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